Rotorua Branch // A1 Storage


Rotorua is where the Head Office is located. We have 4 Rotorua locations with security and computerised entry. One location with an on-site Manager.

  • Rotorua West
  • Rotorua East
  • Rotorua Central


We have a variety of different facillities for you to store your goods: Workshops, Storage Units, Document Storage and Open Storage.


Our workshops are very similar to the storage units except they have electricity and communal toilets. If you’ve got something to store that needs power or need a temporary workshop then our workshops are for you. Our smallest workshop is 6 x 3 and the largest is 10 x 5

Document Storage

We have units from 1m3 to 1 x 2 which are ideal for storing your important documents.

Storage Units

There’s a variety of unit sizes ranging from 1 cubic metre to 10 x 5. These can be used for File Storage, Furniture, Cars and Boats. All units have roller doors where some doors are 3m high to accommodate high bridged boats, buses and camper vans.

Rotorua Central Unit Sizes

1 x 1 metre
1.2 x 1 1/2 metre
2x 2 metre
2 x 3 metre
2 x 4 metre
3 x 3 metre
3 x 4 metre
5 x 3 metre
6 x 3 metre
7 x 3 metre


6 x 6 metre
8 x 3 metre
10 x 5 metre
5 x 11 metre

We provide competive prices to our Tenants. Our storage fees are payable in advance.

For more information about Rotorua and it facilities,  Contact Us.